blue tit on feederWatching wild birds in your garden can be a great way to pass the time, and being able to recognise them can be a challenge. Putting out some food is one way of attracting them to your garden so you can get some great views while helping them survive. What food you leave out for birds is very important but being aware of how to keep your feeding stations hygenic and pest-free is also just as important. We hope that our website will help you find all the answers to all your bird feeding questions.

It may suprise you to find out that over 50% of UK adults feed birds in their garden. If you are patient simply providing birds with extra food will attract them to your garden where you can enjoy their exciting behaviour and fantastic colours. Feeding garden birds is also a great way to teach children about wildlife and to give them an understanding that will be useful for all their life.

Remember that supplementary feeding will never provide all of the natural proteins and vitamins that adult and young birds need, so it is important to create and manage your garden to provide a source of natural foods too.

Well-managed lawns, shrubs and flowerbeds are great but please remember to leave a few areas wild and overgrown. You will be amazed at, how with a little effort, the amount of wild birds you can attract.

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