Coming from a family of Lincolnshire farmers, farming over 600 acres just north of Boston, it seemed like a great idea to put something back so Lincolnshire Wild Birds Seeds was formed

Its main purpose is to supply seed mixes where as much as possible is grown in the fields of Lincolnshire and the nearby counties. Some of the seeds such as peanuts cannot be grown in the UK so these are imported.

After considerable research by talking to pet shops, birdwatchers and others with specialist knowledge some basic mixes were formulated and tested and these have been tuned to attract the highest number of birds to your garden at the best price to the user.

We supply only to those who sell to the public such as selected Pet Shops, Garden Centres and Nature reserve shops with deliveries planned to minimise our carbon footprint.

Where ever possible we use fully recyclable packaging.



Lincolnshire Wild Bird Seeds is proud to be a registered member of Select Lincolnshire.

The county has a fine heritage of producing a wealth of quality food and drink. Its produce has for years gone unrecognised.

The Select Lincolnshire brand positions and confirms Lincolnshire as a key national player in supplying food and other natural produce to the nation.

Select Lincolnshire is a membership-based project ranging from small Wild Bird Seed growers, to distribution companies, to huge vegetable producers and packers employing hundreds of staff.  Collaboration with over 130 Select members (a membership which is continuing to grow) is helping to promote a strong, recognisable brand.

To become a member there is a set criterion which businesses have to meet before they are able to use the brand.   Trading Standards help to monitor the use of the brand by ensuring that there is a consistent approach to the application of the criteria in order to maintain the long-term future and integrity of the brand.

One of the main criterior is that a proportion of the product must be grown or made in Lincolnshire and at Lincolnshire Wild Bird Seeds we actively select Lincolnshire grown seeds above others.


Millet Harvest 2010

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Head of Millet





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