The red breast of course makes identification easy but it can be told even in silhouette or in its blotchy brown juvenile plumage, by its plump shape, upright stance and habit of making abrupt movements.


Breeds and winters in gardens, woodland, parks, wasteground and hedges.


Robins sing throughout the year because each bird, male or female, will occupy its own territory during the winter. In order to defend their winter territories, the females have to sing and display just like males do. In spring the females have to persuade the males to stop fighting them and start co-operating with them in the raising of a family. To do this, when they encroach into the males territory they behave like young birds begging for food, thus stimulating the males to feed them rather than fight them.


Northernmost birds will winter south of their summer range, from western Europe as far south as the Sahara while southern populations are largely resident. Females disperse to find their own territories , a small percentage of British females winter abroad. Large numbers of birds from northern Europe pass through Britain before continuing 'en route' to Iberia and north Africa.

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