Little Owls are easily recognised by their small, squat, flat-headed, long-legged shape and relatively grey plumage heavily marked with white. They have a distinctively bounding flight, gliding upwards before they land, showing broad rounded wings.


Breeds and winters in orchards, hedgerows and open areas with drystone walls or derelict buildings.


Owls have forward facing eyes to give them stereoscopic vision, which means that they can look at any object with both eyes at once and by comparing the angles from these two different points of view can judge how far away the object is. This, of course, is essential in capturing prey. To get an even better idea of distance, all owls, and Little Owls in particular, will try to look at an interesting object from as many angles as possible and this explains the bobbing and weaving mannerisms which are typical of this species.


A resident bird with first year juveniles dispersing.

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