The Tawny is the big brown owl of most of our parks and woodlands, readily identified, even in silhouette, by its bulky outline with a big, broad rounded head.

It is the only British brown owl to have completely dark eyes.

The best way to find one is to listen for the alarm calls of other birds, especially if several species are involved; the squawk of a Jay, the rattle of a Mistle Thrush, the tutting of a Blackbird and the pinking of a Chaffinch are all, especially if perpetuated for some time, sure signs of a predator nearby although sometimes it may prove to be just a cat.


Breeds and winters in woods, parks and gardens.


Young Tawny Owls, still covered in fluffy down, are sometimes found by day, sitting on the woodland floor.

Such birds have not been abandoned and should therefore be left alone, or maybe moved to a branch where cats are less likely to find them.

The adult birds can and will do a much better job of rearing the chick than humans ever could.


Mainly a resident bird and breeding adults are sedentary and territorial.

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